*digital photography...
by heartLove!

quality art at affordable prices
any 8 x 10" photograph, unframed...

$30, plus shipping**.

all prints are chromogenic color on archival quality
digital Agfa glossy photographic paper.

below are thumbnails of my photographs... click on any
of these small images to see a larger view of that image.

the title of each photograph is directly below both the
thumbnail and the larger view as well.


injoy the views...

      da solo insieme

        bumblin along

           heart rock



       a sandy grave


         groupe animé

            heart life



        no fast food


             the gap
          starting out
           folding up

            no abyss

            très vert

            unter glas

             wink 1

            wink 2

              wink 3

         water flower


         bloomin' pink

           all is well

   flower power lover

             cats eye

        dark and life

          swirl space

           tête à tête
      bulles brûlantes

          cross roads

            fine print

            full moon

        fotón expreso


    un parfait s'est levé


       look at THAT!

         jesus bombs

      won d ere' d eb

        splittin' image

       shakin' all over

             still life
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Copyright ©2004 heartLove!

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