Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Right Hand Set*

02_Open Tai Chi
03_Grasping birds tail
04_Single whip
05_Lifting hands
06_White crane preening wing
07_Brush knee twist step  (R)
08_Ward off
09_Brush knee twist step  (R)
10_Step Forward  (R)
11_Brush knee twist step  (L)
12_Step Forward  (L)
13_Brush knee twist step  (R)
14_Hand strums the pipa
15_Step forward (R)
16_Step forward (R)
17_Parry and punch   (R)
18_Like close, similar to shut
19_Carry tiger to mountain
20_Ten character hand
21_Oblique brush knee twist step   (R)
22_Body turns, brush knee
twist step   (L)
23_Grasping birds tail
24_Oblique single whip
25_Beware the fist under the elbow   (R)
26_Monkey offering fruit  (L hand)
27_Monkey moving backwards  L(palm)
28_Monkey moving backwards  R(palm)
29_Monkey moving backwards  L(palm)
30_Bird in oblique flight
31_Lifting hands
32_White crane preening wing
33_Brush knee twist step   (R)
34_Hand strums the pipa
35_Needle sinking to bottom of sea
36_Arms make the mountain
37_Fling Fist   (R)
38_Step backward/Parry and Punch   (R)   
39_Forward step; Grasping birds tail
40_Single whip
41_Cloudy hands (repeat 3 times)
42_Grasping birds tail
43_Single whip
44_Patting the horse
45_Right kick, left kick, foot divides
46_Body turns around, heel kick (L)
47_Brush knee twist step  (R)
48_Brush knee twist step  (L)
49_Step forward, plant fist   (R)
50_Body turns over, fling fist   (R)
51_Forward step, patting the horse
52_Frog kick before retreating (R)
53_Backward step,beating the tiger
54_Right frog kick
55_Twin peaks through the ears
56_Double twist kick
57_Patting the horse
58_Step forward, parry and punch   (R)
59_Like close, similar to shut
60_Carry tiger back to mountain
61_Ten character hand
62_Oblique brush knee twist step   (R)
63_Body turns, brush knee twist step   (L)
64_Grasping birds tail
65_Oblique single whip
66_Wild horse tossing mane (repeats)
67_Maiden pushing shuttle
68_Body turns, maiden pushing shuttle
69_Wild horse tossing mane
70_Maiden pushing shuttle
71_Body turns, maiden pushing shuttle
72_Grasping birds tail
73_Single whip
74_Cloudy hands   (repeat 3X)
75_Single whip
76_Snake slithers down
77_Golden cockerel stands on one leg
78_Monkey offering fruit (L hand)
79_Monkey moving backwards  L(palm)
80_Monkey moving backwards  R(palm)
81_Monkey moving backwards  L(palm)
82_Bird in oblique flight
83_Lifting hands
84_White crane preening wing
85_Brush knee twist step   (R)
86_Hand strums the pipa
87_Needle sinking to bottom of sea
88_Arms make the mountain
89_Fling fist   (R)
90_Step forward, parry and punch   (R)
91_Forward step; grasping birds tail
92_Single whip
93_Cloudy hands (repeat 3X)
94_Single whip
95_Palm pushes face in   (L)
96_Body turns; single lotus swing
97_Brush knee; hip punch  (R)
98_Forward step; grasping birds tail
99_Single whip
100_Snake slithers down
101_Forward step; big dipper
102_Step backward; ride on the tiger
103_Body turns; palm pushes face in   (L)
104_Body turns; double lotus swing
105_Drawing bow; shoot the tiger
106_Forward step; palm pushes face in   (L)
107_Body turns over, fling fist   (R)
108_Forward step; patting the horse
109_Forward step; grasping birds tail
110_Single whip
111_Close Tai Chi


         *begins to your right side

(R)= right fist, palm, foot, or side
(L)= left fist, palm, foot, or side

These are reversed for reverse
(or left hand) set.

copyright 1998, 1999 by swrichie

With gratitude to Li Li Da    (1922-1982)

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