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in motion be like water...
at rest, like a mirror.
resound like the echo;
  be subtle, as though 

                   unknown author
believed to be Chuang-tse


"...before a cure is found
we will all have been affected
one way or another."
Precious Thomas
                        3rd grader 
                        Aids patient



  life is all 

No One can make me
whistle a sour note...

 just send
 your thoughts
       to me
    in a smile.


 we find ourselves
        linked again,
   we will feel
           relieved .
       deng ming-dao

The first thing we need to do
is recognize and trust
our own Inner Nature,
and not lose sight of it . . .
in each of us is something
Special, and that we
need to keep.
benjamin hoff

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