Remembering Nicaragua, Forgetting Afghanistan...
the CIA sells drugs to our kids.


"In a 1988 series for the Philadelphia Inquirer, “The CIA’s Leaking Pipeline,” Tim Weiner found that weapons for the Afghan resistance were being diverted to the armies of opium lords. The CIA admitted one of every five dollars in war material bound for the mujahedeen “disappeared.” It was during the mujahedeen war that the Afghan-Pakistan “Golden Crescent” overtook Southeast Asia’s “Golden Triangle” as the top source of global heroin.

This didn’t slow down the Reagan administration. Following a 1986 bid by CIA director William Casey, Congress approved Pentagon advisors and hundreds of Stinger missiles for the mujahedeen.

Support for the mujahedeen led directly to the emergence of Al Qaeda. In 1984, Osama bin Laden arrived in Peshawar, the Pakistan border city then serving as the mujahedeen’s staging area, and trans-shipment point for their heroin. It was there he established his Maktab al-Khidmat (”services center”), or MAK, a clearinghouse for mujahedeen volunteers from the Arab world, where they were armed, indoctrinated and dispatched to the front. CIA money flowed into the MAK through Pakistan’s secret service. Osama assumed command of the MAK in 1989, the same year the Soviets pulled out of Afghanistan. He quickly transformed the MAK into his Al Qaeda network of trained terrorists."

whose bin laden? our bin laden!
bought and paid for by the good ol' u s of a.

read up on what the rich are
planning for planet earths future

    "These men, here to coordinate their economic, financial,
      and trade policies, stand at the helm of the global economy.
    Of course, the global economy is like the 400-pound gorilla
   that sits wherever it wants..."
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