TAI CHI CHUAN General Benefits

    Tai Chi Chuan, the Chinese healing art of moving meditation has developed over the centuries as a practice known to bring about rejuvenation and relaxation.  By reconnecting with our internal "chi" energy, our vital force, we can tune up our overall physical and mental health.  By mindfully moving ourselves through life, we can gain more self confidence and a broader outlook about everything.  By returning our chi energy flow to its best possible circulation, we can improve our respiratory, circulatory, digestive, bone, joint, muscle, nerve and hormonal health.

    All of us are shaped from our 'individual' life experiences; like snowflakes, in that regard, no two are alike.  Yet, in more important regards, we are as ONE.  Whether short, tall, thin, fat, old, young, white, brown, or yellow (or any other distinctions), we share some common strand in this universe... we MOVE as one.  Whatever condition we bring ourselves to Tai Chi Chuan in, its benefits will accrue.  It is a healing art designed to accommodate the strengths and weaknesses of everybody. So no matter where one is 'coming from', improvement may be had.

    Tai Chi is the movement of our combined energies (which include, but are not limited to, breath, blood, water, electricity, peristalsis) as ONE: grounded, balanced, and whole.  Tai Chi is designed to stretch, tone, and relax the whole body instead of isolating parts, based on a series of choreo graphed movements coordinated with focused breathing.  It is practiced throughout the world as an effective exercise for health.  Many scientific studies have proven its amazing benefits for the body and mind.  What follows is a partial description of the health benefits of Tai Chi Chuan.

    Tai Chi is proven to enhance balance and reduce the risk of falling down by 48%. It is known to benefit in cases of hypertension, ulcers, and heart disease.  Other positive effects include reduced muscle tension, lowered blood pressure and increased blood flow to the muscles and extremities. It improves postural balance, muscle tone and general flexibility.  It increases strength, endurance and overall coordination while boosting the immune system and increasing vigor.  Tai Chi helps us to manage stress and reduce fatigue, anger, depression and confusion.  It reduces aches, including back, head and neck.  It can help relieve symptoms of asthma, insomnia, and hypertension.  It can help prevent arteriosclerosis and spinal deformity, as well as shorten the recovery phase from long-term illness.  Tai Chi brings the added potential advantages of stimulating bone growth and strengthening connective tissue.  It helps relieve sufferers of arthritis and rheumatism.
It helps relieve sufferers of post traumatic stress syndrome.  People with multiple sclerosis, emphysema, Parkinson's disease, stroke, fibromyalgia, and cerebral palsy have found rapid and effective improvement in their condition.  Tai Chi increases longevity.

"The practice of Tai Chi has benefited my health more than anything in my  life.  It is for this reason that I desire,
as much  as  anything, to give back some of the joy and energy that Tai Chi has given to me. Please accept these
modest instructions in the spirit that they are offered, and feel free to share them with any body."    heartLove!

heartLove! has been studying and practicing the Wu style of Tai Chi Chuan  for 19 years. He has recently designed
a free online website which shows animated graphic images along with instructional  text demonstrating the Wu
method he has practiced. Go to
http://www.5medicines.com/wu4you.htm to see it.

Besides  Tai Chi, heartLove! also enjoys playing with photography, writing poems, dancing and being a DJ at dance
parties, spending time with his 4 kitties, learning and working with a computer, gardening, and exploring the whole
universe generally.


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