spiral works
words and image by heartLove!


he makes You work all day

                                           she makes You work all Life

and when You ca$h Out all Their marks,

                                      something Inside of Us has died.

do you remember?

                             how to dance?


      did you never ever give yourself that chance?

did you think those lines are straight from way out here

                                                                            in  space?


what You have Got is Sum Ill-usion,

they said that the way was In con-fusion,

then hyped that crazy Dis-solution, Me and You and Them.

So, wonder not my friends and family...

               that everything's turning out Dis-way,

but real-i-ze something greater still

                       than Them or Us or Me or You:

the We, the WHOLE, the Big Pick-your:

                  the One, the Suns, this TRUE FUTURE!

So stay in mind, in limb, in Heart, but

           still, Move OUT, take flight:

Dance up! Live NOW:

                                    reMember that every Part,

is True, is You, is Love, is death,

                            of smaller sELF and our

long awaited return to  .