Subject: A Day without Cars
Date: Wed, 03 Dec 1997 03:11:00 -0800
From: David Powers
To: winky's universe
       sf-critical-mass AT

David Powers wrote:
What if SOMEONE raised the idea of
having, once a month, once a year,
                   A Day without Cars

      Don't drive.  Ride a bike,  take MUNI, BART,
Ferry, Caltrain, your feet, anything but drive.  It's
not "try bike riding, you'll like it, it's better than
sex" or "be aware of transit!" (eh?)  It's a definite
statement that we need to cut down on driving,
for lots of reasons, and we need to figure out how
to do that.
     SOMEONE means, I don't know who. SFBC, people on the street,  RIDES, the City and County
of San Francisco, the MTC, a small poisonous
frog, I don't know. Someone.
     ... how about the *idea*?
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David Powers : San Francisco CA USA
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winky responds...

                  "a very carefree day"
it could be called...
i think i'll push this from our personal web page
at the least...

cyber is the cleanest way to travel?

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