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On May 11, 1998, an interview was broadcast on Bay TV (local cable channel 35 in San Francisco) between anchor John Kessler and Dr. Nina Shandler, psychologist.  The following transcription was created by scott richie for Winky.

John Kessler:  It's estimated 40 million female baby boomers are approaching fifty and beginning to suffer the early symptoms of menopause.  When psychologist Nina Shandler had her first hot flash at 47 she rushed to the doctor for estrogen, the most prescribed drug in America, I might add.  But that made her feel worse.  Her suffering led to nutritional research, and her cookbook, Estrogen,
The Natural Way
.  Please welcome Dr. Nina Shandler.  
Welcome, Nina.  How are you?

Nina Shandler:  Good.  How are you today?    

John Kessler:  I'm not bad.  So, what happened?  You went to the doctor, you got estrogen, which, like, most people do.

Nina Shandler:  Yeah.  You know, I was waking up every two hours soaking in my own sweat.  It wasn't pleasant.

John Kessler:  Thanks for sharing that with us Nina.

Nina Shandler:  Yes.  Yes.  I know you wanted to know that.
John Kessler:  But it is something a lot of people go through.

Nina Shandler:  Absolutely.  So I got these miracle potions and I expected to take them, and go through a cool ride to eternal youth, you know.  Instead I got nauseous, head- achy, irritable.  I felt like I was going to be pregnant forever and never get to have the baby.

John Kessler:  O.K.  So you figured, there's got to be a better way to do this?

Nina Shandler:  I figured there's got to be a better way.  I found out some foods contain estrogen  and that they appear to have the benefits of hormone replacement therapy, and seem to reduce risk of breast cancer.

John Kessler:  O.K.  What foods are we talking about?  Is there a group or - - ?

Nina Shandler:  It's two primary foods, that are very rich in plant estrogens, soy, and flax seed.  But they really can be made into delicious, perfectly normal food.  Really. Really.  Honest.

John Kessler:  No, No.  You saw the face on me.  O.K.  I see.  Alright.  Let's sit down to dinner.  O.K., what did you bring here?

Nina Shandler:  Well, that's what you're going to do, sit down to dinner and we've got something for every time of day.  We've got a little bit of cereal here.

John Kessler:  Now, what kind of cereal is that?

Nina Shandler:  We call this maple nut crunch, and it's made from flax seed.  Don't look scared. 

John Kessler:  Uh-huh.  O.K.  Let me try a little of that...
                                          [Tasting cereal]
Not bad.  It does taste different.  

Nina Shandler:  It does taste different...

John Kessler:  Uh-uh...I'm not going to say 'interesting', because that would be the death knell...no, but it's a - - it needs sugar.

Nina Shandler:  Needs more sugar.  

John Kessler:  O.K.  You can get this at the supermarket or do you have to go to a health food store?

Nina Shandler:  You go to a health food store.  Flax seeds are tiny, little shiny seeds.  They're great for your heart.   

John Kessler:  I kind of like them because I like nutty flavors.  That's good.

Nina Shandler:  Yeah.  They're great for your heart.  
Now what we're going to do next is a little snack.  This is some pesto.  And this is made - - oh, I'm going to let you taste it before I tell you what it's made with.

John Kessler:  Alright.  Alright.  [Tastes pesto]  I have no idea.

Nina Shandler:   What it's made with?

John Kessler:  Yeah.

Nina Shandler:  Is it good?  

John Kessler:  Uh-huh [affirms]

Nina Shandler:  O.K.  That's the main thing.  It's made with tofu.  

John Kessler:  O.K.

Nina Shandler:  Yeah, I hate tofu.  I absolutely do.  But at some point, I had a tofu conversion.  

John Kessler:  So, if we follow... O.K., flax seed and tofu - - and do you have, like, a recommendation on how much?

Nina Shandler:  You need to have about two servings a day to reduce hot flashes; three or more to reduce risk of osteoporosis and also heart disease.

John Kessler:  Do you do this in lieu of medication, or can you do it with your medication...is there a problem that you're gonna - - ?

Nina Shandler:  You can do it in lieu of medication, and there's some indication now that actually cancer protective benefits and bone protective benefits are better if you do it with hormone replacement therapy, but you don't have to do the hormone replacement therapy.  I don't and I go for months at a time now without a hot flash.

John Kessler:  Immediate reaction to a better diet - - changing your diet like this?

Nina Shandler:  Yes.  I think there is an immediate reaction.  Do you have time to taste some more?

John Kessler:  Actually, I don't.

Nina Shandler:  Oh, too bad.

John Kessler:  The first two were good!

Nina Shandler:  Well, that's good.  

John Kessler:  I tell you what.  Go ahead during this commercial break and I'll sit here and eat with you.

Nina Shandler:  O.K.  Great.

John Kessler:  Alright.  The book is Estrogen,
The Natural Way
.  Doctor, thank you very much.

Nina Shandler:  Thank you. 

[end transcript]

   the title of Nina Shandlers new book is Estrogen,
The Natural Way:
Over 250 Easy and Delicious Recipes for Menopause

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