hi ! i am Winky ! now you have founded me ! !

welcome from the founders of the universe of

winky's tale begins for us on april 1st, 1996...

a quiet whimper, peeping, peeping came to my ears, but only for a moment, until i'd listen...then...nothing.

i got back to the tasks at hand before me...then, again, i heard a faint me-me-mew.  well, this occurred again several more times until finally i summoned my mate over to begin an investigation.
she went outside to the front of our house toward where i'd sensed the sound was coming from.  she advanced cautiously forward, listening carefully as the small noise grew steadily louder...

as she neared a bush at the point where our yard becomes the neighbors, the sound became brilliantly shrill; she reached down to the furry screeching thing and pulled it back into her cradling arms...
as she returned into our house, a broad smile revealed the joy she felt to have discovered, yea! founded, something so dear and wonderful.  the tiny scruff was crying vigorously, it's left eye closed tightly by an infected cut above it...his small, yet majestic countenance was truly a charming view to us, and that day this sweet treasure was joined into our family as winky, our wonder!

we were so happy at the quick recovery of his swollen eye and are glad to report that all is well in winky's universe; and yes, we just live in it!

       we, the founders...winky's service providers...are very pleased to re-create for you the wide world of        


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sister, bright feather 

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